Fresh Music: C Struggs Gives Us A Hood Classic

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Written by Wes Perryman

The first thing to capture my attention when listening to C. Struggs’s latest project “Still N Da Streets” was how polished every single track was. Not that it was surprising that the self proclaimed “DopeBoy” would come out swinging with high quality product, but this body of work is the type that the rest of the world would assume to be coming out of Atlanta, Houston or any of the other Hip-Hop epicenters located in the South currently running the game. Authentic lyrics & catchy hooks give his music the ability to compete with any artist currently on the airwaves.

Still N Da Streets boasts a monster 20 track playlist with C. Struggs doing most of the heavy lifting. If you’re looking for something to turn up to “DopeBoy”, “Give 2 Fuccs”, “Go Get You Some Money” and “Work” supply all the hard hitting 808’s, sparkling synths, and rattling high hat’s required to have you stuntin’ at the function. Tracks like “I Know”, “End of The Day”, and “I’m Your Pusha” provide for a nice change of pace from the club/trap oriented records. Of the 7 features on the project the most notable include Young Kalib (Take A Walk), TrapBoy Freddy (No Voucher), Gator Mane (Niggaz Sayin), and Ray Paul (232 Shit).

As a fan first and foremost, I have to say that I love looking for the DEEP cuts. “End of the Day”, “I’m Your Pusha”, and “Prideprovide perspective into Strugg’s mindset and personal story. Most of these can be found towards the end of the mixtape, curated masterfully by DJ Murph & DJ D Real, but the track that stands out the most to me is “Who I Do It 4”. Jazz melodies, soothing synth pads, a classic boom bap beat, raw unfiltered rhymes, and Strugg’s flexing his knack for harmonizing, combine to make a track that is both reminiscent of vintage Trae Da Truth, and entices the listener to become a** fan of not just C. Struggs the Artist, but of C. Struggs as a person trying to make a way like any other person.

Follow Struggs on social media @CStruggsGMG on Twitter and Instagram

Download or Stream the full mixtape at here


Fresh Music: “School Supplies” by JuztKP

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Written by KarmaSerene

As rich as the North Carolina music scene is, we barely hear mumbles outside of your J. Coles and an occasional nod to the Little Brother alum for their stellar accomplishments to the rap/production game. You almost have to make it a point to seek out music from the region. While JuztKP isn’t necessarily in the same lane as the aforementioned, he definitely holds his own. The overall vibe of ‘School Supplies’ seems to be geared towards uplifting others. Confusion about the song’s direction comes from the interpolation of Case’s ‘Happily Ever After’. I see where JuztKP was going, but it doesn’t work for the overall message of the song. As a casual listener, it’s a hard misstep to forgive. 

The simplicity of ‘School Supplies’ is what makes it a gem. JuztKP’s lyrics exude a relatable soulfulness noticeably missing from mainstream entertainment (as a whole). This sentiment will ring true for anyone who has recently listened to terrestrial radio for more than ten minutes in the last five years. While he doesn’t have metaphorical layers, his presence is still very much felt. If this is your first time hearing from the Carolinian, this track lays out the framework of what you can expect from the rest of his catalogue.


Fresh Music: “FU” by ThatKidCam ft DavidFnMorgan (Produced by Ish D)

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Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.27.15 AM Written by Lucy Q 

Dope! That was the first thought that came to mind when first listening this song. What instantly caught my attention is the production. Instrumentally, the song is crispy; it’s so smooth, yet aggressive, complementing the artist’s voice. Second, the punchy lyrics from beginning to end give this song a kick from the get-go. It does what any artist should aim to do—capture the audience’s attention. Overall, the balanced sound feeds to a distinctive style. I don’t have much constructive criticism on the track but all I can say is continue the hard work, because it is evident that it’s working. And what’s even neater, these guys are Dallas natives!


Fresh Music: “Burnin Up” by Picnictyme

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Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 9.13.14 AM

Written by La Fresh

QUINTESSENTIAL cool vibes are what I’m being blessed with & It’s too TOO Texas  hot outside right now for me not to keep it FRESH and share what is currently chilling me out – Richard Escobedo ,the multi-talented and ever evolving artist known as PICNICTYME has dropped a new dose of audio chić (that has me in the drivers seat forgetting It’s not my turn in the soul train line… forgive the traffic jam I may have caused for the duration of the track y’all)
for you to vibe out with “Burning Up.”
This song quite simply wins at life.

The track offers up a variety  of colors I did not know I could hear with a dash of funk, crisp vocals and just enough  rhythmical shifting of  grooves to make me question if I was listening to a product of a marriage between Rick James/Prince & Donna Summer… because if that were possible -this song would be it.

   If your ready to get your life-gasm  today I suggest you click the link~~~>

Picnictyme can be found at the following on another hemisphere of Dope-but his work can be found here:
Tumblr: http://picnictyme.tumblr.com/

Till the next one mi famiglia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay Fresh boos!


gunshots & xxxo-LaFresh

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/ThatLadyDee

Facebook;  https://www.facebook.com/Danielitcia

instagram: lafreshofficial


Fresh Music: “Get Started” by FRSHDLY

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Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.57.03 AM


Written by Lucy Q

FRSHDLY—“FreshDaily”—is an up-and-coming artist from Dallas, Texas. At only 23 years old he has released his second single titled, “Get Started.” From beginning to end he carries a consistent flow over an ambient bass line. With the smooth beat, FRSHDLY leaves room for the listener to fully listen to the lyrics. The song details the ordinary life of a humbled artist on his road to getting recognized. We can see this humble side with lines such as, “hoping that these rap blogs finally notice me.” With work like his second single, FRSHDLY will surely earn the respect of a much more authentic crowd. All in all, Dallas, I recommend you don’t sleep on this guy! Check him out!


Fresh Artists: Get to know Osiris Ruff

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Written by Wes Perryman

It’s time we started paying attention to our suburban artists.

The world is changing. You don’t need Dave Chappelle to point out this strange reality that is 2015, what with the black presidents, alleged lifestyle choices of today’s entertainers, or general state of affairs. All things considered, you would think that checking for a rapper’s street cred. would be a concern of a distant past in Hip hop, yet here we are, with Artist’s like Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper and even Drake, one of the most dominant spitters we have ever seen in terms of chart domination, still having to defend themselves on tracks like “Started from The Bottom”. Compound this with Dallas’s notorious problem of nurturing local talent and you end up with an entire crop of talent residing in DFW’s surrounding cities who are often overlooked.

Enter Osiris Ruff. At first glance his social media stats leave a lot to be desired, but such is the nature of finding a diamond in the rough.

The first thing that jumps out at you when listening to Osiris’s music is the smooth indie/electronic aesthetic of the beats he chooses as his medium to lay lyrics over. His sonic signature consists of time stretched soul samples laid over slow thumping 808’s and deep kicks that seem to hit your soul almost as hard as the heartfelt parables he delivers with an unmistakably Dallas swagger. For listeners with a broad acoustic palette deep cuts like “Midnight Music (MNM), 2 A.M.“, “Good Book“, and “Hottest Sumer Ever 2” will leave your iTunes’ taste buds salivating for more. The best substance, however, is supplied on newer cuts “11 ( One by One)” & the exceptionally grounded “From The Southside With Love (Conversations w/Nana)” from his soon to be released project of the same name “From The Southside With Love”.

It seems like in todays hip hop landscape most rappers can be categorized as one of the turn-up gods dominating club life and the airwaves, or socio-conscious back packers, Osiris has the ability to settle into his own lane tucked neatly in-between the two. A space in which even the most hardened dope boys can nod their heads in relation to life’s common struggles, and the often overlooked, demographic of suburban raised, minority youth can “turn up and get groovy” with ease. Here’s hoping this youngster is able to find a way to continue his artistic growth.


Fresh Music: Nuke Dot Tha Hood may have the hottest single out of DFW right now “Started From Zero”

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Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.03.33 PM

Written by Leo J

A couple months back I was a guest judge at a “hottest single” night at Murphy’s Club in North Dallas. There were over 25 artists that competed that night. There were some that were really good, and a ton, that were really bad. Most of it I chalked up to the lack of experience with most of them. But out of all them, and a unanimous decision amongst the other judges, there was Nuke Dot Tha Hood and his single “Started From Zero“. This song is an absolute banger. I think what drew me to him the most was his voice, style and energy on stage. Defiantly his own but still Dallas through and through. As soon as he hit the stage and the song started the vibes in the place turned into something different. When the song was playing, it was almost as a unanimous decision amongst the fans as well that his song would be the one to beat. The fact that he instantly turned the club out on his own said enough. Fast forward a month later and I see that Nuke Dot Tha Hood is out running around the city cleaning up a ton of “hottest single” nights, beating out all of the competition. So I guess myself and the fans in the building that night weren’t the only ones, right? This track has success written all over it if he can get it in the right hands and market it correctly. It could be a radio and club hit. Hell, it already is banging out venues. Take a listen below.