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Dizzy Wright

Written by KarmaSerene

Fresh Music: “Facts Only” by Lou Charle$ feat Dizzy Wright

This may or may not be my first time hearing Lou Charle$ on a track. If this isn’t my first time, one thing is clear, this isn’t the most memorable thing I’ve ever heard. On paper, “Facts Only” feat Dizzy Wright could potentially be leaps and bounds ahead of what it actually is but what we’re left with are unimaginative rhymes and a lackadaisical flow.  The Texas native supplies us with a variety of cliché, “look at me now” phrases while completely missing the mark.

The Dizzy Wright feature is equally, if not more, disappointing than expected. If you’re looking for the skill and delivery displayed on The Golden Age or even his most recent release, you won’t find it here.  Dizzy matches Lou Charle$ in his lack of enthusiasm

The biggest tragedy here is that this stellar production was coupled with such average bars. The lack of depth and creativity in the lyrics are so grave that even the beat can’t even save this song. The poor delivery was quite a let down. If this is your first time hearing Lou Charle$, I urge you to delve deeper into his work. Don’t let the one average song completely turn you off from a promising emcee has to offer.


Fresh Music: “Scarface The Rapper” by TUNK | Prod. BTBM

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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.29.10 PM

Written by Leo J

What’s good my fresh peoples? I’m here to share with you some new music from Dallas/Fort Worth artist TUNK. On Friday he released the first single off his highly anticipated album “No Defeat II“, set to drop Dec 1st. It was just about a month ago when I had seen TUNK live at Elements of Hip Hop in which it reminded me all over again why I think he is one of my favorite artists in North Texas. He has the balance of street raps mixed with lyrical content that adds up to him being a dynamic artist. His new track, “Scarface The Rapper” starts off with a broken piano melody that leads into the song being kicked in full force when TUNK starts rapping. Everything falls into place and the listener rides out the track the entire way. The production is super on point and well put together. Great job from both TUNK and BTBM making a dope track. I am hella stoked for this project. Get familiar with TUNK‘s back catalog here but be sure to listen to “Scarface The Rapper” below.


Fresh Video: Alsace Carcione – “Been Grindin”

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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.09.59 AM

Written by Lucy Q

The Dallas-based femcee, Alsace Carcione, is at it again! She recently released a music video to her song “Been Grindin.” The song and the video both synchronize very well; from the visual aesthetics to the overall quality of the production. The video entices one’s attention from the beginning, especially when the “Book of Rhymes” (as I have called it) is opened, taking the viewers back three months. She delivers the song with an energetic and aggressive vibe staged in a home that seems to be foreclosed. Rather than making it a complex concept video, it is a simple and direct portrayal of a rising artist in an industry that comes with heavy pressure and criticism. Straying from luxuries observed in many music videos, Alsace’s suggests the journey from humble beginnings. One of my favorite lines is, “studying for experience, while all you talk about is cars, clothes and hoes.” It explicitly exemplifies what the visuals implicitly deliver. All in all, the consistency and pace at which Alsace Carcione is working at is ingenious.


Fresh Music – E-Mannie – “Return of the Trill”

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Written by Brit Engram

When it comes to the South, especially Dallas, there are some certainties–hospitality, head-nods, heavily seasoned fries from Oak Cliff’s Rudy’s Chicken, and swagger filled deep harmonious sounds from it’s artists. Dallas is a definitely a hidden gem of Southern music, from its Blues, Country, Punk scene, and new kid on the block Hip Hop. With an ever changing sound over a generation, Texas’ Hip Hop sound is traditionally described in one word–TRILL.
On a chilly Saturday night in Deep Ellum, the streets are lively and inside the Liquid Lounge it’s only about to get a bit more live. As we entered, we noticed the man of the hour,  E-Mannie was posted back at a merch table near the bar with two young ladies. He’s purposely early for his album release to give those the opportunity who wants to kick it with him to do so. He was more than willing to chop it up with us for a little bit.


A native of Oak Cliff, E-Mannie grew up listening to a variety of music, transcending genres but remaining true to his first love hip hop. With a sure look of determination and passion in his eyes, he began talking to us about his label Tight Right, which he doesn’t refer to as label rather as his family. There was a sure anticipation to the subsequent months and years proceeding this album release. With a early start to rapping he then began to do production for tracks. All of this artistic work reached it’s climax when he decided to leave his nine to five in the furniture industry to pursue his music wholeheartedly.
For an idea this audacious, E-Mannie enlisted the help of the only people that would treat his dream with the respect he knew it deserved–his family. Armed with his cousin, Nelson Ramirez, he began knucking down and laying out a body of work that would become, “Return of the Trill”. As both the producer and rapper, E-Mannie takes you inside his worlds of club bangers and instant classics–bottling spiritual and familial beliefs and truths. Without spoiling the album the emotional rollercoaster is similar to the yesteryear performers UGK with the same rawness and realness of a young Pimp C. 


The highlight of the conversation with E-Mannie being his grateful for the opportunity to come out “Rain and all, to perform at Too Fresh’s ‘Fresh Rhymes'” in October. He also stated, “I’m always on the scene. I try go to everything to support everyone. I’m not selfish. I like seeing everybody coming up.”
With the night still young after our conversation, DJ Fatboy got the party jumping with hits. The live performances included openings by Neto Gonzales and Barz Sace. It is undeniable that E-Mannie has a way with words but can also rock the crowd.   IMG_46891In addition, the night was topped by a guitar solo by E-Mannie performing “Return of the Trill” finale song.

Video Credit: Nelson Ramirez

The only question at this point is where E-Mannie and his family will go next with the heart of true skills and unity to back it up.
Like the sky, The South is the limit.

Photo Credits: Jessica Martinez and Donnie Williams


Fresh Video: “Go Raw” by Raw Elementz

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Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.50.36 AM

Written by Leo J

It’s Wednesday so hump day shenanigans are on deck. If you are you looking for that extra push to finish through your work week with some super fresh hip hop, we got you. It comes today by way of Raw Elementz and the release of his latest visual “Go Raw” from his upcoming EP “More from Outside“. Raw Elementz has definitely been one of the hardest working artists in DFW with a loyal following and super dope music to suit. Now I’ve said it before, but I feel like he spits like a rap game veteran with bars of a true lyrical emcee which can be kind of hard to find in his age demo these days. But with that said, lets get back to this video and it’s inner workings. The Thelonious Martin beat is the type of sound that lyricists salivate for. Super mellow but hard at the same damn time. Visually the video is super on point. I really like the color correction the editor/director went with this one. It’s very crispy and I love the jump cuts. My favorite line of the track though? “I’m tired of these phony, bologna, jump on me rappers”. I don’t think I have heard the word bologna in a rap verse in a minute and it’s always dope to hear someone use funny sounding word and remember to have fun with the raps. Really like everything about this one and can’t wait to hear more from the “More from Outside” EP. Peep the video below.


Fresh Music: “The Clouds” by Kilo Art Of Fact Ft. Mokah Soulfly

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Written by La Fresh

Sup fresh familia? ?! Dropping by with a few words and what not – enjoy!

(From earlier this week) In my seeking distraction from the wasteland of my workday ( & with my Dallas Cowboys compounding my discontent), and I’ve concluded that music is the remedy if only by the suggestion that we stay sober during office hours . My sports related melancholy is briefly abated with a snippet of positivity found deposited in the Netherlands of my inbox in a track titled “The Clouds” by Kilo Art of Fact produced by DamolekUlar in collaboration with Mokah Soulfly (Keisha Hunter). What better way to feed my karma jar than to spread some freshness your way?

In Kilo Art of Fact  we get a shining example of someone who defines his own existence in a genre not often known to applaud or encourage the growth of an artist’s  integrity and ethic.  Kilo Art of Fact demands your attention and without asking for permission it finesse’s it’s way into your ear holes with a  proper application of harmonious vibes balanced by periodic jazzy inflections.

The production carries the the track seamlessly without fault from beginning to end never losing the audience in the transition from bars by the Grey Matter frontman, to the hook and soulful melody by Mokah Soulfly. Beat selection & blends were flawless.

This track radiates good vibes only sharing a universal message of maintaining hope in times of despair.  You ever find an old message about someone & think to yourself. .”glad I found you. ” THAT feeling  you get when certain songs comes on.. Hit the link to get yourself lifted:

Uncommon is the talent that can garner that emotion.
I got a bit of that in this track-a glimpse of that rare potential.
Kilo Art of Fact comes forward  through the perspective of an artist who speaks to the struggle of seeking  his dream outside his homeland.

Kilo Art of Fact is a name I don’t see getting lost in the universal one-size-fits-all label of “hip hop” and if that’s something you want to witness you can peep more of his music here ~> https://soundcloud.com/greymatterisdope

Until the next one mi famiglia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay Fresh boos!



Twitter:   https://twitter.com/ThatLadyDee

Facebook;  https://www.facebook.com/Danielitcia

Instagram: lafreshofficial


Fresh Video: “On Fire” by iQmuzic & Rhythm “The M3”

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Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.29.05 AM

Written by Raul G

The Latest joint effort from I.Q. Muzic & Rhythm the M3 is some straight heat!!! Literally. OK, well figuratively! This is one of the dopest singles in 4th quarter rap fresh off of I.Q.’s upcoming album “The Remedy” dropping at the end of November 2015. The video takes place in post apocalyptic times so setting is high, during the “Munchies Crisis” so it’s probably not the only thing lit! But more importantly these two make an epic pair lyrically. For anyone who hasn’t watch these two grow organically and build a following throughout the South. Mixing the style of various tempos, smooth hooks, and upbeat wordplay to distinguish themselves from many in the region. If I.Q. is known for anything, it is definitely his creativity and he does a pretty job exemplifying that with this project. Q has been busy behind the curtains- launching his new #SpaceHeadz Shop at Valley View Mall in Dallas, recording projects like “The Remedy” collaboration with Bastrix Beats, “Believe in Muzic” album set to drop sometime in 2016, as well as a few other things that are benefitting the community. Plus, word on the street is he is currently in talks with Monster Energy and Tech N9ne’s label Strange Music for future works… I don’t know about you, but I think that is DOPE! Dallas has a ton of talent that is coming to the light and being recognized. It’s a very pleasing thing to see two of the most talented Latinos in Hip-Hop come with it on the soundwaves and to hear I.Q. & M3 jamming prove it with this one!

You can follow I.Q Muzic on Instagram: @iqmuzic


Fresh Video: TheSenseiBlue – On The Map & Vibrations Feat. Yakiyn & Shot By @DanceDailey

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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.54.10 PM

Written by Brit Engram

Over a semi-melodic beat, DFW artists TheSenseiBlue and Yakiyn transform us by introducing listeners to a New Age lyrical sound in the twofer video “On The Map” and “Vibrations.” Shot by local talented videographer and jack of all artistic trades, Dance Dailey, who has taken the internet by storm with over 200,000 vine views and well over two million views via their YouTube page and a plethora of Twitter followers. This video is definitely a pièce de résistance. Part one of the video, “On The Map”, is catchy and fun while TheSenseiBlue uses strong lyricism to make you feel like you are just one of the boys, engaging in a conversation. “On The Map” brings forth the many women who have caught his attention and no matter where she is–she is who he wants. In Part two, Yakiyn, or YakTheMack and Dailey joins in with “Vibrations”. Each of the three artists have a very distinct sound that are indeed complementary to one another. “Vibrations” brings in a sound that urges you to open up your third eye and as the song says, “feel good vibrations”. Honestly, it is hard not to feel giddy and chill while listening to these songs. What is most impressive to me is the quality of videography. As someone who is particularly picky about music video quality, it was dope. A big shoutout to the artists’ diversity in women in the video!  The trippy almost LSD space age visuals, especially the meteorology screen was a great touch in part one. The scenery in Part two is sure to appeal to every modern day hippy.
This video has definitely urged me (and encourage others) to binge watch and listen to all their work.


Its Not Pretty, But SMOKESTKZ and CoolValley are Bringing Real Hip-Hop Back

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Written by Wes Perryman

From the depths of the “D” SMOKESTKZ & CoolValley are bringing back the boom bap and facilitating the funk for hip-hop in 2015 with their latest project #Ugly (available for free DL). The mixtape is littered with beats from hip-hop’s “Golden Era” from standout tracks like the leading single “Chaka” with J. Dilla type production acting as the bed on which the two talented wordsmiths lay down lyrics for your soul. Then you can hit up “El Fuego Rojo” to hear Cool and STKZ (stacks) breathe new life into a Ghostface classic, or the title track “Ugly” for their explosive take on some vintage Dr. Dre. The duo were also kind enough to drop some beautiful visuals for “15’ Linx”, the 9th track on the mixtape, flexing their creative muscles by handling all video production 100% in house. Cool Valley keeps it funky with his unique lyrical assembling of sentences and god given gift of harmonizing to the back drop of soothing brass, a butter-smooth bass line, and trippy happenings in the video’s background. The grainy, found footage style aesthetic also compliments SMOKESTKZ’s verse in which he showcases his ability to switch up flows from old school gritty East coast bar delivery to dripping triplets mid-sentence with ease, all while lyrically tipping his hat to some of the genre’s most esteemed emcees. Other standout tracks include “Cold Quesadilla”, “Zone & Zone”, and “Brunch”, a bonus track if you download or stream from Datpiff (by far the grittiest and quite possibly ugliest track on a project that aim’s to get more heads nodding than ass’s shaking). In a day and age when a lot of rappers and “pretty boys” are trying to cash in on the trap movement, SMOKESTKZ & CoolValley are comfortable exploring their sound in their own skin, even if it’s #Ugly

15′ Linx

Cold Quesadilla

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube: @WeCoolValley & @SMOKESTKZ


Fresh Music: “OoWay” by Devan Bernard

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Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 12.25.28 PM

Written by Leo J

I know, I know. I already asked for my weekly late pass in an earlier post today. It’s just that I ran across an artist’s tweet that reminded me of an absolute banger of a track he released a while back. 3 months ago to be exact. It was his random tweet that brought back the feelings and emotions I felt the first time I heard this track that inspired me to write about it this very second. The name of the song is “OoWay” by Devan Bernard. Mr. Bernard is one half of The Mohicans, who have been in and out of the DFW hip hop scene over the years because of school in Lubbock. But let me tell you this: they made their impact and still have an influence around these parts with a number of tastemakers and artists in town. With that said, lets get back to the track, “OoWay”. What an incredible song. The first time I heard it I got the same feelings of when I heard Justus’s, then Love, JT, song “Come Together“. I instantly knew it was a next level approach towards creating music. “OoWay” feels extremely personal and telling of David Bernard’s influences by using samples of 90’s grunge rock (Nirvana), 808’s, snares, and a rapping/singing approach that he uses on the verses/hooks. It’s absolutely one of, if not my favorite track this year. This is the type of forward thinking creative process I hope artists use when making new music. Taking a bit of everything that inspires you, to create your own. Peep the track below and let me know what ya think. #StayFresh