Fresh Video: “Go Live” by T.H.E.M

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Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.42.34 AM
Written by Callie Dee
Hey there all my #Fresh Ones!  It’s Callie Dee, the Femme of the Fort here with a #Fresh new video.  This one is out of Houston, a group called T.H.E.M. Individually, these guys have been rapping solo for years and they have just recently formed this new group.  This is a new video from their Nonpareil LP, “Go Live” featuring John Dew, Hollywood Floss and Rob Jay spitting over a Jett I Masstyr production.
Right off the bat the lyrics go, “Dope beat, dope verse, one dope track. Intravenous to your ears now put it on wax.” Totally digging it, and it doesn’t stop.  Lyrics speaking on how much better they are than the other rappers out there laced over a nice boom bap beat.
The video itself is reminiscent to a cipher, shot in different scenic backdrops that I assume is Houston.  Ending with a family crest type logo that includes a microphone, Old Nintendo Controller, the eye of Rah holding an Olympic style torch, the pyramids, and infinity symbol and a symbol representing atoms. That, alone, says a lot about this group.  Lots of nostalgia with a touch of innovaton with this group, a #Fresh combination.
T.H.E.M’s album Nonpareil drops the first quarter of 2015.  For now, check out this video which gets the Callie Dee thumbs up!


Fresh Music: “January 28th” by Doeman

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Written by La Fresh

January – 2015…already drawing to a close and I don’t know about you guys but if the submissions this year are any indicator of what lies ahead  I am in for a year filled with audio triumphs. One of the artists currently fueling my vibes and who’s growth I’m following is a twenty year old  mic enthusiast hailing from Houston known as Doeman,( Joseph Gonzales) has re-channeled his life path from boxing,where he competed in Olympic trials after being struck by a car while walking to a Golden Gloves tournament.His passion for hip-hop music and singing can be credited to early exposure  to classic Motown and listening to golden age hip-hop with his father very early in life.His first  freestyle of the year “January 28th (Queen Elizabeth)”( a J.Cole track has particular meaning to Doeman as “January 28th” is also his mother, Elizabeth’s birthday) and on this  provides us the opportunity to glimpse  Doeman‘s capabilities as he releases his thoughts on the current state of the hip hop genre,his peers,as well as topics of social importance such as oppression while establishing a message of hope and unity as he quips “they’d rather see us in cages,cuz if we came together it would be outrageous.”.

Listen for y’aself see if you feel the vibe:

DOEMAN has a sound and energy that transcend the barriers of being labeled a “Latin hip hop”act,his love for his craft and discipline no doubt from years of boxing give him a well defined confident edge over the current class of freshman being ushered in with the new year. Looking forward to hearing more from the kid as he’s set to release $TEREOTYPE$ EP in a few months, a colab with his local peers the Houstonian Trakksounds and perhaps even catching his live act as 2015 has started off on the good foot for Doeman who i hear will be taking his talents on the road for 2 Texas tours this winter and already named an official act for SXSW.

If you feel like riding more audio waves find the kid & hit those follow buttons:




Till the next one

mi famiglia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay Fresh boos!


xxxo-La Fresh


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Fresh Video: “40oz & Big B’s Burger” by $kaduf + New Too Fresh Management

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Optimized-Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.09.46 AM

Written by Leo J

What’s good my peoples? It’s Thursday, January 22nd 2015 and it’s starting out to be another good year. Today I am happy to announce that I am now managing the newest, brightest, breakout star of Dallas hip hop in 2015, $kaduf (pronounced “Ska-DUFF). I ran across $kaduf online with some music that he sent my way as a submission to perform at Fresh Rhymes. I was instantly drawn in by the soulful beats, followed by raps that spoke to me the same way I heard J Cole and Joey Bada$$ for the first time. I was instantly a fan. So when he came out last Thursday I was excited to see him before because I’ve had many a times before where the live show didn’t match the music sent my way. The live show was even better. His humbleness on stage drew people in during breaks between tracks. Then he reveals that he produced all of the music. That was a game changer for me. For me it said that he produced these lyrical soulful tracks because that’s who he was. That fine line of real raps, boom bap and truthfulness I think most people will be able to relate to. His voice and lyrics pair up well. I turned around a number of times to look at the crowd and saw every person in the room breaking their neck to the beats and lyrics. As soon as he was done I had a damn near half the crowd tell me this artist was hella dope, or asking who he was because they wanted to know more. $kaduf and I spoke then, and we have spoken a number of times since. I can’t tell you how energetic $kaduf is to break out and become something special. I see and hear it. I hope you do too. Peep his latest video “40oz & Big B’s” Burger” and EP “GroveSide Tha Realest” below. Be on the lookout for more music in 2015. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


Fresh Music: “The Show” by Gitmo Music

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Written by Raul L

I first heard Gitmo online about a year ago through some mutual friends & from the beginning it was JAMMIN’! I thought that Gitmo was a rapper but came to find out, it’s a record label based out of Denton, Texas. Come to find out Blaze Won, Fab Duece, Pudge and many more were a part of this collective group. At the turn of the new year they released there most recent 29 track compilation; Gitmo presents “The Show: The Soundtrack” which is a creative re-make of Russell Simmons The Show concept. They really did something great by making this a FREE appreciation album for their fans & potential listeners on the air waves. This is by far a quality project for the brand and a potential classic in D-FW Hip-Hop. There are many known names on here, big props to “Trouble” Scott and Izzy the Kidd for putting this together! Come to find out they’ve been producing a project a month since August 2014. They seem like they got it together, so we are looking forward to the potential that Gitmo shows for the future. The Show has some new names added to the roster like King Pap, Duke, and Stu Brootal, so it will be interesting to see how this works for the record label. With all of the build up going on in the Texas hip-hop music scene D-FW is a boiling pot for talent. Gitmo definitely has a ton of fire power with their team with the likes of  Pudge, Wild Bill, Ritchy Flo, Blaze Won, & many more. People will definitely be keeping their eyes open for this boiling pot of creativity. Stay Fresh & stay tuned with what Gitmo has in store. 2015 and on should be exciting to hear & see from this upcoming brand.


Fresh Video: “Drop Me Down” by Black Swan (ATG x VohnBeatz)

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Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.21.48 AM

Written by Vanessa B.

Happy New Year #FRESH people! We shall start the new year off correctly with #FRESH music, of course! I present to you the FUTURE of Hip Hop.  ATG x VohnBeatz presents: Black Swan- “Drop me Down”. If VohnBeatz rings a bell, that may be because he has been making beats since the tender age of 11 YES 11 if not earlier. He has also been an attendee at the local beat competitions. #LOEBM Not to mention, he is the son of super producer S1; who has produced for big names such as, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Talib Kweli. So needless to say, like father like son! Considering how young these kids are, I am very impressed with this track. I really like how positive and motivating this track is, and the video gives the audience a good perspective on the challenges the youth may face on any given day. This duo definitely gives hope to real Hip Hop! I love how different the sound is compared to what you typically hear out of Texas. ATG has a unique voice, and the beat has just the right amount of smoothness, giving the song that feel good vibe. I definitely can jam this with my 8 year old, which is a plus! These  high school students are truly on the right path and are super talented! I can’t wait to see what unfolds for them in the future! Check out:  Alexander The Great on Twitter/ Instagram @_TheRealATG and VohnBeatz @VohnBeatz #BlackSwanBeatz

Peep the video and Thank me later

Until next time, stay #FRESH



Fresh Video: “Can’t Go” by Bodega Brovas

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Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.06.33 AM

Written by Raul L

Hello #Fresh world, it’s been a minute but I’m here to let you know that the Bodega Brovas have dropped another joint to jam to! Really diggin this “Can’t Go” Remix of Daryl Hall & John Oates “I Can’t Go For That” classic 80’s joint. They might have raised some eyebrows with the wardrobe, but hey, that’s Bodega! When it comes to lyrical skill, ever since I heard “We Got It” back in 2011 it was easy to see these guys had juice & chemistry. When you learn the background on Travii the 7th (Chicago, IL), Keynote (Dallas, TX), & HeadKrack (Bronx, NY) stemming from all parts of U.S. and coming together to make hip-hop- the epitome of original sound, in a good way! When you hear Bodega Brovas, you are guaranteed to get some good vibes from their music. 3 flavors & 1 dope mix, plus they have been at it for quite some time in the hip hop game and it’s pretty amazing. From traveling all around America to Europe, these peeps are full of life & energy. Honestly I wouldn’t doubt it if these dudes got their own comedy series one day! For anyone who loves hip-hop, creative music, or just positive vibes; Bodega Brovas should be in rotation.


Fresh Video: “Patiently Waiting” BY KP THA PROF!T

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Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.33.31 PM

Written by KarmaSerene

In his latest offering, “Patiently Waiting”, KP Tha Prof!t does what he does best and that’s spitting his southern drawl over laid back beats. Why he doesn’t have more notoriety is beyond my comprehension. Every outing has been consistent and high quality. This visual is no different. The Alex Donaldson directed clip delivers us from the current dreary weather while providing treatment for KP’s oft braggadocios, reality driven raps. It’s beyond me why he doesn’t have a bigger following when the core of what he does is so true to Southern Texas. Like the track title suggests, I’ll be waiting patiently to hear more from KP Tha Profit. I anticipate great things from him in 2015.