Fresh Video: 16BARSXXX House Party

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Written by Leo J

Peace! What’s good my peoples? Just another 97 degree weather day in Dallas,Tx…in OCTOBER. So wack. This time of the year is supposed to be the transition of leaving that Texas heat to the cold days of winter. But with this random weather and non drop in temperature brings the opportunity for dope outdoor events. But not just any outdoor event, a dope house party style event. The good people behind the 16BARSXXX party released a video today of their latest event in East Dallas that went down last weekend. The 16BARSXXX night has quickly become a staple for many fans, artists and tastemakers in Dallas. It has provided an alternative platform for aspiring artists and groups to gain new fans and create relationships that will surely benefit everyone in the long run. The night is hosted by respected tastemaker Rico Slice, and powered by some of the good folks that brought you the very successful #16BarsAndADrumBeat night that propelled many of the now established hip hop acts in Dallas. I have yet to make one of these events due to scheduling conflicts or my own events, but best believe I will make this a part of my monthly routine. Peep the video below to get a feel of the night. #StayFresh

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Fresh Music: “Dirty Harry” by Harry Krum aka MC Playdough

Written by VB is the Illest
Who’s Harry Krum?
 MC Playdough, Arlington’s Mayor himself, dropped a beat tape a few weeks back (September 18, 2014). MC Playdough has been in the Hip Hop scene for over a decade.  If you haven’t already heard of the emcee extraordinaire by now, I think it’s time to remove that rock you’ve been living under!
 Playdough originally  came up as a battle MC, but since has put in plenty of work to prove himself as much more. He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal with his release of Gold Tips earlier this year. The album features great production by DJ Sean Patrick, Freddie Bruno, and of course Harry Krum himself!  Dirty Harry beat tape by Harry Krum features 15 tracks of  hard snares and great samples. For all you lyricists out there trying to find your next beat, look no further! Each beat is solid and well put together.  This beat tape can also be enjoyed by the non-rapper as well. Follow Arlington’s favorite rapper on all social media outlets @IamPlaydough & http://playdough.bandcamp.com/
The ManBitesdog Records recording artist is currently on tour and will be at the Philly House Party 10/09/2014 in Philadelphia, PA.
Peace & Stay #Fresh

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Late Pass: Fresh Video “Duck 50″ w/ Wild Bill & Ritchy Flo

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Written by Callie Dee
Hey everyone, it’s Callie Dee back with another #FRESH video and I’m going to make a confession really quick…. I’VE BEEN CAUGHT SLEEPING!!!  That’s right, yours truly, totally missed this next video. How you ask? I have no clue. BUT the King of Too Fresh has granted me a pardon and has allowed me to post about it ANYWAYS!
The Denton scene is blowing up, and if you don’t know who Wild Bill and Ritchy Flo are by now, just go ahead and hand in your hip hop card. Wild Bill is easily one of the “Up and Coming” artists in the DFW. He collabs with many artists in the area, like Rob Viktum and Blaze Won on their upcoming “Baconomics” album. Ritchy, on the other hand, is more of the Underdog type. A little weird, and his rhymes definitely reflect that.  But he’s weird in a very fascinating “Moth attracted to the Light” so I’m gonna stare in amazement, way. Both mob with the dudes from Fab Deuce and have recently been featured on Gitmo, Inc’s “Brakin’ Barriers:Buildin’ Bonds” album.
This dynamic duo came together for “Duck 50“, a very simple, yet effective video directed by Blaze Won. Ever wonder what it was like a day in the life of your favorite local rappers? Have no fear, I think your fly on the wall chance is near. The track itself is dope, both really bring the word play. Wild Bill is more slow and methodical in his rhyme schemes where as Ritchy gets in your face with “Assholes who care less/I’m the poster baby.” For the first video Blaze has put out for another artist (other than himself), it’s very nice. Nothing irritates me more than watching a video where the mouth and the words are not in sync. Props to Blaze Won for putting out a good product!!
In a little over 3 months this video has gotten over 1,000 views. This team is on fire, and you can’t say I didn’t warn you!! Check it out.

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Fresh Music: “The Box” by Alaun Deonte (Prod. by Suave Dosto)

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What’s good mi fresh familia?

*parade waves at ya

It’s ya Fresh ambassador.. Danielitcia!! ;) –  La Fresh Official – @ThatLadyDee

Yikes!! Can you believe it y’all? The year is almost coming to an end- damn… State Fair season has arrived and what’s even better than that??


Blessings all around us y’all ,Autumn is upon us bestowing a slight drop in temperature to accompany this cool breeze I’m sharing a mellow drop recently released by Alaun Deonte. His single, “The Box” from Alaun EP “The Clubhouse” is the perfect accompaniment to fall ambiance…simple,smooth and rich with a proper production .

What you find  on “The Box” produced  by Suave Dosto (HotNewHipHop heat seekers finalist) is Deonte applying the simplest of bars over a tune that needs no lyrical complexity to take away from what it brings you.

As with the fall foliage -the color and vibrancy that sustains this drop is found in the masterful rhythms and sound -peep the horns on the trail end of the track. Unceremonious lyrically, perhaps some would say- but from my vantage point the artist keeps in line with the tone set before him.

A brief story telling executed brilliantly on point and on par with the melody- a smokers tale true to form.

Peep what “The Box” is and let me know what you think.

Till the next one

mi familia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay Fresh boos!



Facebook;  https://www.facebook.com/Danielitcia

instagram: lafreshofficial

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Fresh Music: “Bang the Drum” by Camille Lashell

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Editors Note: What’s up everyone? Just wanted to stop in and introduce you all to our newest contributor to the site. Lucy is a student at SMU who has a strong passion for music and writing and we are very excited to have her on the team. Be sure to follow her on twitter and check in from time to time to see what she has to say on some Dallas hip hop ishhh! #StayFresh 

Written by Lucy

Sexy, Seductive, and Sensual. Camille Lashell is a singer/songwriter straight out of Dallas. After giving us “Hit & Run” she’s back with yet another fresh single titled “Bang The Drum”. It is off the forthcoming compilation album titled Upper Echelon Society Presents: Hierarchy produced by Campion Bond. This girl here has much more to her than an intriguing look. “Bang The Drum” is a smooth song that conveys the sensuality of making ‘melodies’ behind closed doors… if ya catch my drift. The song begins with a steady, contemplative beat and very subtle percussion. But at 0:28…hold on tight! The track picks up tempo and is embellished with what I like to call a contemporary ‘dirty south’-like loop. It gives you the urge of that slow but groovy head-nod. The track alternates between the slow and upbeat tempos creating a neat balance. Aside from the production, the smooth vocals complete the cohesion of the song. Her voice sets the sensual tone of the song, which becomes the invitation to interpretation beyond the literal meaning. All in all, Camille Lashell is a torchbearer for Dallas Pop-R&B music. Chances are, if you like the sounds of Jhene Aiko, Rihanna, or Drake…you’ll dig this chick. Definitely check her out on UE Society’s sound cloud under Camille Lashell! She definitely gets my two thumbs up!

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Fresh Music: “Larry Davis” by Mga Czar feat Tunk


Written by KarmaSerene

Rage and love are said to be the most sincere of all emotions. On “Larry Davis”, MGA Czar takes a dive into both.  Similar to Davis’ own story, Mga Czar tells a story of anger and retaliation set to a LoneStarr produced track. If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Larry Davis, just know that he was one brother that wasn’t having it that day… But it’s the people who aren’t mentioned specifically—Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin—that spring to mind. This is their anthem.  To my ears, Larry Davis is the perfect response to the rampant social errs of our time. Mga Czar and Tunk trade melodic, militant lyrics in a way many wished they could. The track’s gritty texture takes a marked opposing stance to the passive themes we’ve heard far too long and often in response to current political blunders. MGA Czar and Tunk channel lyrical greatness on the 3 and a half minute firebomb of runtime. Just like the brave few that have chanted “Fuck the Police” before them, Mga Czar and Tunk walked into the booth that day and not a single fuck was given.

 KarmaSerene is the personal assistant to Brooklyn based emcee Torae and Internal Affairs Entertainment as well as a full time music lover. Find her on twitter: @Karmaserene

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Fresh Music: Fresh Since ’66 by MouseQuake

0003580563_10Written by Callie Dee
Hey everyone, it’s Callie Dee the Femme of the Funk i.e. Funkytown. Today I come to you with the latest project out of Aggtown, MouseQuake: Fresh since ’66.
MouseQuake has been “doing music” since 1982, professionally since ’86. When I noticed years behind each of the song titles, I asked what they meant. He responded, “The numbers behind the tracks are indicative of either the year of creation of the song I sampled or the year I wrote them myself.”  Each track has a different MC which are all DFW based and perform around the metroplex. “I wanted people to feel something and not hear the FL Studio sound and BS lyrical arrangements.”
The album is 19 tracks long, and even then, it’s hard to choose a favorite. “Can We Vibe Right Now (1976)” has a Tribe Called Quest feel, laid back and lyrical. “Don’t Shoot (I am Unarmed) (1972)” has the more gritty in your face lyrics and beat like something you’d hear in the West Coast Gangster Rap era. Then you get to “I Need You to Stay” with its rich R&B, songbird style. And that’s not even past the first half of the album…needless to say, MouseQuake shows he has a broad range of styles to fit a broad range of genres with his producing skills.
Check out the album now on Bandcamp for Free and make it your own for only $7.

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