Fresh Music: “Nicotine” – Kaos Caine featuring Camille Lashell

 Written by Callie Dee
Hey, it’s your girl from The Funk, Callie Dee, with a #FreshTrack for your ears. This one is from Kaos Caine featuring Camille Lashell, “Nicotine“. Kaos was born in Dallas but honed his rap skills in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Kaos has recently moved back to Dallas, just in time to drop his first big project which is due to be released this Fall. “Nicotine” starts out with the sultry Camille Lashell singing “Light It Up, Take a Puff, Give me that Love Drug….Light Up, Take a hit give me my love fix. Baby You’re my Cigarette….Hard to quit.” Immediately, I had someone in mind to dedicate this track to.  The song was very well produced with a very catchy, simple hook. Two combinations for a nice club and radio hit. Kaos handles this beat like a champ, skipping lyrically all over the beat like a child at play. This is one of those songs that takes residence in your head and doesn’t leave. Next thing you know you’re singing it in the shower and bumping it every time you get in the car…on repeat. It would be a shame for any club DJ not to have this single in their arsenal of booty shaking, dance music.Go ahead and check out this track that has yet to be released on his soundcloud page, but you can watch the video below.

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Fresh Video: DJ Craze releases video smashing wack DJs

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.35.38 PM

Written by Leo J

I’ve had the pleasure to see DJ Craze perform live a number of times at big festivals, the World of Drum and Bass in Miami back in the gap, and numerous times in Dallas. I tune into his Ustream channel from time to time to check out his live sets cause they always have the freshness, skills, or classics being showcased. Why do I keep checking in on what he’s up to? Cause plain flat out, this dude is a beast on the turntables. He’s turned into a label owner back in 2009 with Slow Roast Records and has really made a name for themselves globally. Today it looks like the former 3 time World DMC Champion had enough and released a DJ routine that is sure to make any of you wack ass DJ’s tuck your tail between your legs and head for the hills. Now I’m not one to bash technology because I feel like it has enhanced the performance of the DJ, but it has also hindered the basic fundamentals every DJ should go through in experiencing the craft of DJ’ing by using vinyl and turntables. Every DJ should go through that part of the craft, even for just a bit. This video is something he didn’t have to do but for people in his position who are masters of their craft, it must make them sick to see the culture being raped for profit at a rate we have never experienced before. This one was for them. Salute to Craze for this video. Thank you for doing what you do and continuing to educate people on the skill set that devoted DJ’s to the craft look to achieve. Enjoy.

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Fresh Artist: Sudie – A Rising Star

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.47.03 AM

***Editors Note

I am very excited to welcome a new contributor to the site. I ran across her blog on twitter, enjoyed her writing and spoke with her about helping contribute something different here at Too Fresh. We know that there is all kinds of wonderful music out there aside from hip hop, and we want to start expressing that through the music we post on here. So with that said welcome our newest contributor Evelia Chapa, and the first of many posts showcasing music of all genres on the site. #StayFresh

Written by Evelia Chapa

Sudie, a talented 22-year-old, has achieved a lot during the past year.  She has been nominated for “Best New Artist” for this year’s Dallas Observer’s Music Awards.  She is definitely someone young artists should look up to. Sudie is one of the most talented, optimistic, hard-working artists I know, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to talk with her about her future plans.

For those who don’t know much about Sudie, she’s come a long way; she was one of 20 people chosen in the southern United States to go to the Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp at Bonarroo this year. Her current goal is making new music to release, “…release things in me that I can’t get out through normal medium. Eventually it would be awesome if I could make this my ‘career’ and only do this,” Sudie says.

New plans for Sudie include music videos, concerts, and finishing up her first EP. “The EP will be released next year in February along with two music videos and more live shows,” she says. Sudie recently performed at Trees for the Index Fest and opened for Lia Ices at City Tavern. “I have a dear friend of mine, Ted Powell, who is an extremely talented pianist that plans my shows with me. I will be playing at the Dallas Observer Music Awards this year in December and that will be the only show until next year,” Sudie says. These big plans include spending more time in other cities, like Los Angeles, with her manager.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.02.10 PM

Sudie will be releasing one more single before the year is over. Yet another thing Dallas’ music lovers should anticipate. “…keep an eye out for it! It’s really fantastic and fun,” Sudie says.

Sudie’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sudiemusic

Sudie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/sudiemusic

Sudie’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sudiemusic

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Fresh Music: ” Fearless” by Blak featuring Nina E


Written by Alsace Carcione

Blak has been able to remain consistent over the years and “Fearless” is no different.  He gets the help of songstress and powerhouse Nina E. and the connection between the two is magic.  The soulfulness of the song brings you into the truth of life as we know it.  With the world being in chaos from wars, to civil unrest and the economy still obviously still struggling this song is a breath of fresh air.  It’s not a club banger, and it’s not supposed to be, it is meant to make the listener stop and think about “What’s Going On”, as Marvin Gaye so genially asked.  The same problems are here today and Blak was able to capture that in a brilliant way.  My only quarrel with the track, it needed to be mixed much better, to allow the ears to truly receive everything the track, lyrics and everything in between has to offer.  The artwork describes a person being “Fearless” and taking on the world.  Well done Blak and Nina E.

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Fresh Music: “Seven” by SumGuy

**Editors Note – This is Leo J here, and I wanted to personally chime in before you read this write up. Since the write up of this project, SumGuy has left Dallas and moved to Denver. I just wanted to say it’s been great witnessing this artists growth over the years and I wish you nothing but success in your new city. Cheers my dude!
Written by Callie Dee
Hey all my Fresh Peeps, its Callie Dee, the Femme of the Funk, here with another album review straight out of Dallas from SumGuy, formally KPD. I’ve seen SumGuy perform live and do a beat set, and have to say he’s a little “out of the box” when it comes to your average Hip Hop Emcee/Beat Producer. He has a sort of dark humor to him and it definitely translates into his music. Even his Movie Trailer/Release Party Promo shows this trait of, as he watches someone being robbed while eating an ice cream. A little Tarantino-ish.

Seven” is a clever album, short and sweet with only 7 music tracks. “Rollin” starts out the EP with a song that makes you want to do just that, roll around town maybe smoke a joint or two. “WaffleBurgers” features cuts by Tape Mastah Steph, and any track with a DJ is always automatically better in my book. Then you have “EyeDon’tCare” where he states that “They say they do not like me/cause I be doin’ thangs” over a trap beat. When asked about this album, SumGuy stated  it was “a project in dedication to forgetting the past and not allowing others to get in your way.”  With a project that he wrote, produced and performed by himself, I don’t see how many CAN get in SumGuy’s way.  He’ll be releasing a series of EP and Mixtapes, so go make sure you check him out.
Cop this album on Bandcamp now for $7

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Movie Review: The Triple D

Written by Callie Dee
Hey everyone! It’s the Femme of the Funk, Callie Dee, coming at you with a #FreshMovie! Yes I said #FreshMovie. See, working with Too Fresh comes with perks because we were invited to the Premier Screening of The Triple D.  I had heard a little about the movie, half expected it to be another documentary. It’s the first movie produced by Juan Salas and Mista E featuring Dallas artists like Mr. Lucci, Don Chief, T Cash, Pooca Leroy and Lil Man. A movie made in Dallas, centered around Dallas, with an all Dallas Hip Hop cast.
The movie screening took place at the Magnolia Theater in Uptown. It was kind of an interesting placement for this particular film given the targeted audience, which I can tell you is not exactly the upper crust of society. Needless to say, the “Urban Sheek” were out in full force with blinging jewelery, plunging necklines and starch creased pants. After a long delay and a short announcement, the film began.
The opening track “I’m From Dallas” by Hood Boss featuring Tum Tum had some great shots of the Big D and got the whole theater bumping. Most of this crowd knew every word and there were even a few hands in the air. The crowd settled as the movie’s main characters were introduced. In an almost Belly like fashion, they started weaving the stories of the 3 main characters, all involved in the drug game, and each with their own story and dream of rising out of the streets of Dallas. There was a protagonist, and antagonist, a love triangle, and a story of urban youth on the rise with the underlying criminal element to add a little spice. The characters were believable and the acting wasn’t bad. At one point a character turned the radio to 104.5FM as another local hit played, so this film represented Dallas in all ways possible. The theater audience would react to each song that played, hands in the air, singing the words, murmuring among themselves, proving that the musical score was the star of this film.
I applaud the cast and the directors for trying to make a “good gansta movie” (their words, not mine) centered around a city we all know and love, Dallas, TX. I have no doubt that a story line somewhat similar to “The Triple D” can be found in the streets of the 214. Taking so much time and effort into a project and seeing it to the end takes some juevos and determination. So with that being said, I hate to give this movie such a negative review, but that’s what I’m about to do….

I noticed a billboard on E I30 heading toward East Dallas with an advertisement for the Triple D screening. I’ve been involved in an organization that rented a CHEAP billboard for a month and it was $2k. Instead of budgeting for a billboard, I would have liked to have seen more money put into the equipment and editing. I felt like the editing had way more to be desired. For example, there were parts when a back story was being told and the shots just didn’t make sense. The love scenes were a little corny and had some almost awkward shots of the female lead. The audio also had much more to be desired. Throughout the movie the lips did not match the audio. There were times the audio didn’t play at all sporadically through a conversation making that particular plot hard to follow. The sound changed when switching camera angles and was especially noticeable on the scenes outside where wind became an issue. I felt like this film failed where it meant most- audio, editing and equipment.
 I happen to know some very talented videographers in this city, so I really just expected a tad more out of this film. “Triple D” does not get the Callie Dee Thumbs Up.
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Fresh Video: “BON IVER” – Wild Bill ft Stu Brootal

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.02.46 PM

Written by Lucy Q

William Crawford. Red Crawford. Wild Bill. Sound familiar? Well, Wild Bill, although originally from North Carolina, is no foreigner to the North Texas Hip Hop scene. With familiar influences ranging from Eminem to Kanye West to Asher Roth, Wild Bill has crafted a distinct style for himself. He has collaborated with various local artists who complement his mellowed-out/nerdy style. He incorporates pop culture and historical allusions substantially into his music as we can see with the Tommy Pickles and Rico Dynamite Mixtapes. This style is further seen in the fifth track of the Rico Dynamite Mixtape (Released December 2013) titled, “Bon Iver” which feature’s Denton’s very own, Stu Brootal. Accompanied by a video, the track gives a glimpse to two young dudes’ daily lives in Denton. The track itself kicks off with an audio clip between Rico and Kip from Napoleon Dynamite as it smoothly transitions into Wild Bill’s verse. He proceeds to deliver a melting pot of historical allusions and pop culture references. Unlike the traditional rap song, this one has no chorus as it transitions directly from Wild Bill’s verse into Stu Brootal’s. Pretty nifty I must say. The beat is also a neat mix of mellow-smooth which aids the visual provided in the video. As someone who focuses largely on the overall lyrical content, I feel that the song lacks cohesion in its lyrical sense. Bits and pieces flow smoothly while others take one an overly heavy reliance on outer references. While the lack of cohesion lingers, I can’t debunk the entire song. It’s definitely a chill song to play on a laid-back afternoon with friends grilling, smoking, and drinking, as the video shows. With a little lyrical sharpening I can definitely see, both, Wild Bill and Stu Brootal making pretty neat music. In the meantime, I do encourage everyone to check out Rico Dynamite  as well as “Bon Iver” on BL-DUB & FRIENDS’ YouTube channel.


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