Fresh Music: “I Need A Raise” by AV the Great


Written by KarmaSerene

We’ve all had those days at where the monotony of everyday life gets the best of us… Enter I Need a Raise‘ by AV the Great. This song is the anthem of the torn everyday man that’s treading the line between 9 to 5 life and working on the block. The track features a hypnotic bass heavy beat that you can’t help but to fall in love with.  AV the Great keeps his flow consistent throughout the track and each verse displays his perils. In the chorus he shares “…If I don’t get a raise/bitch I’m hittin licks.” While this sentiment resonates with a small subculture of the inner city, it turns that plight into a mere jingle. His flow is simple but it gets to the point and gets the job done. At a surface level, the energy of the flow doesn’t live up to the track. This track never really found its footing for me. It felt like it was always leading up to something that never came. Hopefully on the next go ’round. AV the Great will find his fire and match the intensity of the track. Until then, enjoy this track for what it is kiddos! Peace

KarmaSerene is the personal assistant to Brooklyn based emcee Torae and Internal Affairs Entertainment as well as a full time music lover. Find her on twitter: @Karmaserene

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Fresh Video: “Never Have I Ever” by ThatKidCam

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 10.52.39 AM

Written By: La Fresh


Yea… you….

It’s ya Fresh Ambassador Danielitcia A.K.A. “that broad …the one.. how you say her name?’  formerly, @MsSoulSmile.

“Esa”” Ms.Don’tSayHerName3TimesShe’llPopUp”. “Her”. “THAT Broad” & of course… “That Lady Dee” (@ThatLadyDee) coming back at y’all from a brief hiatus -

Droppin in right quick on the fly to put you guys on notice. A PSA of sorts from ya girl La Fresh:

That bubble you guys got so comfortable in.. pushing mediocre product because no one knew better…


Hope you had fun because these Dallas dudes.. they’re coming.. with sharp minds and an insatiable hunger for the plate in front of you. Get greedy like me and stick this gem in ya ear right quick-brought to you today by the letter “J” as in the formidable and phenomenal producer J. Rhodes.

ThatKidCam paints himself in big,bright,bold,broad strokes as a promising new artist throughout the track in the best of ways: setting aside fake humble some new artists get weighed down with  and calling a spade a spade. Telling the “competition” that their time is done- coming onto the stage to steal your spotlight because he CAN and YOU WILL. DEAL. Looking forward to peeping his stage presence as he opens for #Rakim at Club Dada next month and I hope to see some of you taking notes.



Personally I’m looking forward to a visual drop to “Bad Impression” ft. -topic (prod. J.Rhodes) which you can peep below.

I suggest ya add  ThatKidCam to your rotation if your a connoisseur of lyrical musicians with an affinity for humor/wit if for any other reason than to just keep up  the conversation when The Fresh Ones are speaking. Get familiar .

Till the next one mi famiglia…

-Ciao-Adios y Arrivederci

Stay #Fresh boos!


gunshots & xxxo-LaFresh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThatLadyDee

Facebook;  https://www.facebook.com/Danielitcia

Instagram: lafreshofficial

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Fresh Mix: DJ Skeme Richards Fresh 45′s mix in Dallas


Last month we had the pleasure of having a very special DJ stop in for our Fresh 45s night. Our guest was DJ Skeme Richards from Philadelphia repping his Hot Peas and Butta brand, as well as the world famous Rock Steady Crew. Mr. Richards is well known in the 45s community for his unique collection and skills on the decks. He’s traveled the world and is in high demand within the b-boy community in which he is highly sought after at all of the international events around the globe. It’s simple. This guy has choice tunes, and is one of the best at it. Luckily enough we were blessed to have him come grace the decks and allowed us to record the happenings of the night. Go ahead and give it a listen below and be sure to download the set for you to have on the go. #StayFresh 

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Fresh Video: “Holy” by Tru Def

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.12.47 PM

Written by: Raul G. Lara

Dropping a #FreshVideo of his single “Holy“, Tru Def spits rhymes that knock on the industry’s door with a box of something unique for the industry. In his video Tru Def shows himself in a symbolic journey travelling through the wilderness of the world & keeping faith in God and himself, at the same time checking the competition. You can tell Tru is a bold artist with the confidence to create & sets himself apart from the crowd with his vision & style. Emerging from Dallas, Texas, the young rapper has made many trips in his musical career, such as opening for acts like Fabolous & Dizzy Wright, meanwhile showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

You can also keep up with Tru Def’s latest projects at  www.trusocietymusic.com

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Fresh Video: “Quick Money” by WordLife X Accomplice X Marcos Davila

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 10.35.11 AM

Written by: Callie Dee

The #HighRollaz featuring Accomplice, WordLife aka #KingofAllFresh, and Marcos Davila dropped a #FreshVideo, “Quick Money“. It has all the elements of a successful rap video. Pretty lady with tattoos, smoking weed, and money.  Each one of the High Rollaz spits a verse followed with the hook, “Make it Quick Money” cut up throughout.  I’ve said it before, WordLife is the King of All Branding with RAW Rolling Papers being repped along with his brand “King of All Fresh” throughout the video.  Catchy track, check it out.

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Fresh Video: “Gettin’ Rich” by Alsace Carcione

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.40.07 PM

Written by: Callie Dee

I remember when I was younger there was nothing like a Book Fair or a library. To be in the presence of so much knowledge was awe inspiring.  I’d spend hours at my local library looking things up and reading.  Now we have “knowledge” at the our fingertips through the internet and smart phones. We have become less read and more spoken to. People tell us what to believe and we buy it because if its on the internet, it must be true, right?  So it’s refreshing to have an artist like Alsace Carcione bring us back to the Library with “Gettin’ Rich“. The track has a timeless feel with jazzy piano riffs that you might normally hear in a coffee bar or in the background of a fine dining restaurant. There are a few familiar faces, like Bum Theary and Huntertheone, giving this video a nice community vibe. Makes me want to go read a book….

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