“This Is For Us” by Tha Addicts proves why boom bap hip hop is still alive and well

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Written by Leo J

Happy Wu-Wednesday my friends. It’s the middle of the week and school is back in session for many. This has a literal and figurative meaning because today I am sharing with you all a super fresh LP from boom bap rap duo Tha Addicts titled “This Is For Us“. Tha Addicts consists of MC’s Menace and Bliz.Peep the video below to get acquainted.

Now if you have done yourself a disservice and just skipped the video and headed straight down to this part of the write up, scroll your lazy ass up and watch the video. The song in the video just so happens to be the title track off the project and it starts of the LP. Right away you’re experiencing hip hop in its essence. Graffiti, dope beats, sampling, scratching and two live MC’s rapping bars for days. The video is extra crispy and clean as all get out. Now if you watched the video and already started to break your neck be ready for another 13 tracks of bangers and features. Features include cuts from DJ Eclipse as well as guest MC’s Headkrack,Mims,Stro the MC & Eric Biddines. There’s even a produced track from Statick Selektah who’s always got boom bap greatness in his arsenal. But my notable favorite was “Belief” with special guest the legendary MC Serch. Some serious thought provoking real raps in there only solidifying why he will go down in hop hop history as one of the greats. The whole project is extremely tough. It’s one of those albums that you can just push play and let it go. This is the MC’s rap album. This is the graffiti artists rap album. “This Is For Us” bleeds for the b-boys, DJ’s and fans of the culture. If you don’t get what the hell I mean after all of this, just listen to what Menace has to say at the end of “Plain to See“. You’ll get it. Tons of great production and with nothing but value considering its all for FREE. Go get it my peoples. You can download it from Tha Addicts website here. Listen below and let me know what you think.


Fresh Music: Spotlight on AEGY Gold, Lyrical Peek & Sean Faylon

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Written by Kease The Artist

*Editors Note** – Very excited to welcome a new contributor to the site, Kease The Artist. He’ll be checking in from time to time giving us a glimpse into artists making moves in this rap game. Today he’s here to do a quick spotlight on some artists of his choice to get some shine.


Aegy Gold is an aspiring artist from Wisconsin, his tracks No Versace and Laid back are share a very high ceiling for being a successful hit. He’s an MC with undeniable talent and he’s consistent with his fans and shows.


Lyrical Peek

Lyrical Peek is a prime example of how hip hop should sound.  Through her lyrical prowess and amazing vocabulary she provokes audiences to listen and pay attention to detail of each and every last one of her bars this Femcee has no limit of what she can do creatively.

Sean Falyon

Sean Faylon’s delivery resembles Big Mike and he’s very explosive with what he means and feels. This is one artist you will never have to worry about hiding how he feels or who he is. He provokes your understand with each and every bar. He’s from Atlanta and brings a broader approach to music than most.


Fresh Music: “First Week Of July” by ShaquanThe28th produced by PL7

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Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.45.59 PM

Written by Brit Engram

Rapper Shaquan Bivens aka “ShaquanThe28th“challenges a generation of hip hop where our closest remnant of a love song is “Trap Queen” with his single, “First Week Of July”.  Along with Bivens’ smooth rhymes and cadence, “First Week Of July” is coupled with a melodious R&B beat that deserves to be played in the car at night with the windows down riding around White Rock Lake.  With his storytelling rhymes, Bivens first caught my attention in setting a vibrant visual of an urban day Romeo and Juliet, especially as a Dallas native, noting the hookup life would probably result in talking to someone who is from a different neighborhood and needing to keep it on the DL, especially in this cyber age. Then, detailing nearly every snake person’s summertime “love story”. Hooking up with someone you foresee as the one, only to find out that they are unavailable and you have to move on–get high to balance out the low. Because of his impeccable imagery, Shaquan Bivens’ “First Week Of July” is going to be my favorite song to vibe out to for the remainder of summer.


Fresh Music: “6 ZIPS” EP by KP Tha Profit

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Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.24.04 AM

Written by KarmaSerene

The San Antonio emcee, KP The Profit, has spent the past few years cementing his sound and dropping consistently solid projects that were deeply rooted in the Texas sound. Just in time for the summer, KP Tha Profit drops his EP ‘6Zips. In a departure from his laid back style that we’re used to hearing from the Timeless Crew representer. While KP stays true to style, he shines on ‘6 Zips’ while showing his versatility.

His sped up flow yields the most return on Brikkhead Beast production. I Am is a personal proclamation of sorts and my personal favorite. KP’s flow matches the production seamlessly. I love when rappers talk their sh*t on a track. Make no mistake about it; this rap/production combination is miles ahead of anything new that I’ve heard in a long time.

Extraordinary People” is another standout moment on the EP. The J Jones track features a sped up Tavares sample that matches the beat perfectly. Here we find KP trading verses with his Timeless Crew comrade, Worldwide. The two San Antonians compliment each ideally.

Technically, Kp Tha Profit is rapping on a much higher level than his last outing. None of the tracks on 6Zips have the same laid back feel that he brought on Patiently Waiting but still manages to give you his signature charm. While, his last tracks were solid, 6 Zips solidifies the fact that KP is serious about his craft. The thickets of wordplay sprinkled throughout bring cohesion to each track. KP managed to avoid the pitfall of making a project that sounds like the trend of the day and still give high quality music. I said I couldn’t wait to see his growth from his last project and he stepped up to the plate and knocked it out the park.


Fresh Video: “1984” by Buffalo Black

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Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.12.42 AM

Written by Alsace Carcione

The airport is not the greatest place to work with the many distractions and the fact I am flying stand by does not help. However I do have one pretty awesome ally. Buffalo Black’s “1984” video. I was initially tagged in the video when it first released and prior to that I spoke with Buffalo about the video at an event he was performing at Crown and Harp. His performance of the song was passionate and aggressive. It was artistic, cunning and a magnet beckoning to never walk away from the stage when he is performing. So of course naturally, I looked forward to the release of an ill audiovisual. The video which is directed by Jeremy Biggers opens with a clip of Angela Davis speaking and of course you prepare yourself for a avant-garde piece. “War, Peace, Freedom, Slavery” is chanted, and then a Kanye’esqe vibe comes from Black as he begins to sing. The show has begun and the treats are slowly dripped through the song, as Black warns you to “F**k anything that Fox tells you”. Cinematography being black and white to capture the seriousness of the track scream #blacklivesmatter, while stating the obvious truth that in America these lives don’t matter. In its simplicity the message is given loud and clear. We ain’t survive in this land, while being treated like a number or just another body to add to the morgue. Well played Buffalo Black.


Fresh Music: C Struggs Gives Us A Hood Classic

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Written by Wes Perryman

The first thing to capture my attention when listening to C. Struggs’s latest project “Still N Da Streets” was how polished every single track was. Not that it was surprising that the self proclaimed “DopeBoy” would come out swinging with high quality product, but this body of work is the type that the rest of the world would assume to be coming out of Atlanta, Houston or any of the other Hip-Hop epicenters located in the South currently running the game. Authentic lyrics & catchy hooks give his music the ability to compete with any artist currently on the airwaves.

Still N Da Streets boasts a monster 20 track playlist with C. Struggs doing most of the heavy lifting. If you’re looking for something to turn up to “DopeBoy”, “Give 2 Fuccs”, “Go Get You Some Money” and “Work” supply all the hard hitting 808’s, sparkling synths, and rattling high hat’s required to have you stuntin’ at the function. Tracks like “I Know”, “End of The Day”, and “I’m Your Pusha” provide for a nice change of pace from the club/trap oriented records. Of the 7 features on the project the most notable include Young Kalib (Take A Walk), TrapBoy Freddy (No Voucher), Gator Mane (Niggaz Sayin), and Ray Paul (232 Shit).

As a fan first and foremost, I have to say that I love looking for the DEEP cuts. “End of the Day”, “I’m Your Pusha”, and “Prideprovide perspective into Strugg’s mindset and personal story. Most of these can be found towards the end of the mixtape, curated masterfully by DJ Murph & DJ D Real, but the track that stands out the most to me is “Who I Do It 4”. Jazz melodies, soothing synth pads, a classic boom bap beat, raw unfiltered rhymes, and Strugg’s flexing his knack for harmonizing, combine to make a track that is both reminiscent of vintage Trae Da Truth, and entices the listener to become a** fan of not just C. Struggs the Artist, but of C. Struggs as a person trying to make a way like any other person.

Follow Struggs on social media @CStruggsGMG on Twitter and Instagram

Download or Stream the full mixtape at here


Fresh Music: “School Supplies” by JuztKP

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Written by KarmaSerene

As rich as the North Carolina music scene is, we barely hear mumbles outside of your J. Coles and an occasional nod to the Little Brother alum for their stellar accomplishments to the rap/production game. You almost have to make it a point to seek out music from the region. While JuztKP isn’t necessarily in the same lane as the aforementioned, he definitely holds his own. The overall vibe of ‘School Supplies’ seems to be geared towards uplifting others. Confusion about the song’s direction comes from the interpolation of Case’s ‘Happily Ever After’. I see where JuztKP was going, but it doesn’t work for the overall message of the song. As a casual listener, it’s a hard misstep to forgive. 

The simplicity of ‘School Supplies’ is what makes it a gem. JuztKP’s lyrics exude a relatable soulfulness noticeably missing from mainstream entertainment (as a whole). This sentiment will ring true for anyone who has recently listened to terrestrial radio for more than ten minutes in the last five years. While he doesn’t have metaphorical layers, his presence is still very much felt. If this is your first time hearing from the Carolinian, this track lays out the framework of what you can expect from the rest of his catalogue.